A Busy, Beautiful Life.

Oh hey, yes hi I’m back! I took a little, kinda long break from posting. Not so much intentionally, but mostly because life has been going extra fast, and has been extra busy in my last couple of weeks. I quit my job, became stay at home mom again, had a spectacular wedding and got married, and we moved into a new place, all in under a months time. I usually don’t like to rant about being super busy, because let’s face it, everyone is busy, however this last month has been jam packed full of change. Full of some of really great changes, that I feel so abundantly blessed, and excited to live such a beautiful life. That’s not to say my life isn’t always easy, and always pretty; even this last month as wonderful as it has been, it’s been so exhausting and hard, but boy has it been so sweet.

So let’s just start with the biggest change that has happened, yeah my LAST FREAKIN’ NAME! That’s right, Adonijah and I got married on April 27th, 2019,  and I am now Mrs. Moreland! Everything about our wedding day was magical and exceeded all of our expectations on what we could have ever dreamed the day to be. From exchanging our beautiful hand written vows,  to dancing the night away; it was perfect. Those of you who have planned a wedding before, or are in the midst of wedding planning know how stressful it is, and to just be done with the planning, having had the time of my life and of course finally being a married woman, it all paid off!

Another huge change, returning home from working full time to stay home with Lucy! For months now we have discussed making this change, and we are so fortunate that we are financially able to allow me to devote more of this precious time we have with Lucy. There were many factors that went into this decision, and the main and most important factor was that Lucy needed more individual learning attention. She is so smart, and loves to be challenged to learn new things, and we saw she was getting very bored at preschool and that she just wanted to learn more. So now being home I am able to focus more time educating Lucy, and doing more activities with her to water her mind and encourage her curiosity she has for learning. We will be doing a mix of a preschool and kindergarten prep curriculum as well as lessons and activities I’m putting together for her as well to keep her busy. So look forward to seeing more on the blog of how Lucy’s homeschool preschool is going!

Last but not least, we moved too! Just day’s after saying I do, we packed up and moved into a new house! No we didn’t move far, and no we didn’t buy a house. Our lease was up and we needed a change, and the timing of the move just happened to fall right after our wedding. So unfortunately we didn’t have the chance to go on a nice honeymoon right after our wedding, and honestly with how busy we were this month planning a vacation was the last thing on my mind. Now that things are slowing down and getting back into routine however, we are really hoping to plan a little getaway this summer. We are getting settled into our new place nicely, and Lucy is loving her new room. We have so many boxes still left to unpack, and so much organizing to do, but over the next few weeks our things will find their new places and this new space will become more and more homey to us.

So yeah, I’m back and ready to be better than ever. I have lots of plans for the blog in the month of May, and coming months as well! I’m hoping to become more consistent with posting, probably mid week, every week. So yeah be on the look out for more posts to come, especially ones about wedding planning on a budget, how our wedding went, homeschooling a preschooler, and so much more. As always I love meeting new people, and hearing your feedback so hop to my instagram and send me a message! Until next week!popchampagne

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